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At the start of 2023 Anthony found himself in the middle of a perfect storm. While rebuilding his house, he listened to a Joe Rogan episode where he had on Dr Rhonda Patrick. They discussed her 2021 accredited study, which showed that using a sauna four times per week for 15 minutes results in a 40% decrease in all-cause mortality. He thought to himself, “I must build a sauna into my new home!” After losing that battle with his wife, he decided to try and find a sauna near him. He was shocked to find how expensive it would be. $60? $70? for 45 mins? We did some research and found that the average cost per minute to use a sauna in Sydney is $1.10/min It would cost him $66 / week to achieve the health benefits Dr Rhonda Patrick spoke about in the podcast. It’s from that insight that we defined our thesis. Recovery is the next frontier of the health & wellness industry. Much like how everyone has a gym membership, everyone will soon have a membership to a recovery centre. There is space in the market for someone to come and do what Anytime Fitness did for gyms. To make recovery treatments like sauna, steam and ice baths accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve embarked on the journey to bring XTRA Clubs to life. The concept is simple: Unlimited and anytime sauna, steam and ice baths for $23.95 per week. The goal is 200 locations in 10 years. Want to join the journey?

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